Sunday, November 12, 2006

Too busy to blog.. haha.. life is just as per normal... work, meeting friends, chil out! haha ;) nthing much happening...
Out 1st chat session change to a mini proj., it's kinda interesting and fresh.
Below are the pics of what i did for this mini proj.
*rmb: It's not a real webbie, I only use the layout of a webbie.. haha...editing everything! juz like a simple blog ;)

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

So many happenings uring these 2 weeks, not just only work, entertainer n leisure counts!
Other than work, more things i can do, haha...! pratically enjoying myself at work!
Went changi village for lunch for 2 consecutive fridays, curry fish head,black pepper crabs, etc... yum yum...lucnh out with colleagues are fun n relaxing, jokes n jokes... wahaha!

Omg, this attachment ppl is losing weight due to stress, but i'm gaining weight, even though i've heavy weork load.
These 2 weeks i got lots of things to do, cuz 1 colleague on mc, the other on leave. so i got other things to handle other than my personal work.Even need to bring in documents into the boss room to get the doc't signed! haha.. he's a humble man though.. ;)

Last sunday, went to orchard forum, to help out with the children's day event held there by my previous boss, before hand, he ask me to help out with the workshop, but end up doing the candy floss! yum yum! it's a great experience,in the past, i only know how to eat, now i got some hands on experience on making candy floss.. haha.. this is my first time,so still not that smooth but i'm prud of myself! wahaha!

Fri, work till 9+ pm, got free cab home,thx eve! very tired. enjoying work is important, but when I reviewed my first two periodi reports results, felt so disappointed! Really hoping that this attachment wont pull my whole 3yrs's GPA down to drain! If that's so, my first 5 semester of efforts are wasted for sure. :( Hey, LO, wat's ur actual requirements? can u pls tell us how to improve n where to improve? ur comments will help us in the future reports. I wan comments not compliments, if u giving us compliments, how we know which area to improve n how to improve?

Haha, ytd, my fine sat! meet yy,bas n ch to gym! after gym session, we went subway for lunch n went shopping. On the way to tamp central, saw my colleagues on their way to lunch. We left at about 3+ 4pm cuz yy got to work in the evening.

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@11:53 AM

attachment life got nothing really happening! haha.. but i'm enjoying my attachment.. other than learning lots of new things, most imptly, get to know more ppl ! those colleagues are really fun! other than work, we got lots of stuffs to crap abt..i'm kinda got tease by them everyday in office.. esp. during lunch time, the famous line "hai yo, u live in tampines n u dun hv this XXX place are? -_-'''" wahaha.. i'm used to this sentence le...i'm blur i admit! haha.. enjoy chatting with them. ;)

there're many events for our company! juz had a "chocolate n ice-ream" day ytd! heehee.. every staff is entitled to one bar of hersey n i small tub of haagen daz ice-cream.. wahaha.. although i'm not feeling well.. i still eat.. wahaha..yum yum.. after work, went to c.sq with yuwei, she boughtthe shilin chicken.. lol.. got funny things happened there.. we dint know that they've increased the price from 3 to friend gave the cashier 4 bucks...the cashier asked for 20cents(in chi)..both of us kept on hearing 2 pkts..n we repeated twice we only ordered 1pkt not 2.. lol.. end up he used eng, i mean do u hv 20cents''' the two workers damn funny.. kept on laughing at us. i'm indeed an entertainer. *bleahz*. The portion given to us is big! wahaha..serious..

oh ya.. finally i got my own Id, co. email add, n card... wahaha.. waited for nearly 1mth! so many steps to be taken.. n need to be approved by dunno how mant ppl! wahaha...! ;)

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

First week of my attachment at Citibank n.a. (tamp)

Motivate me

Hike my interest

Broadens my social circle

Being independent

Inquire when there's queries

Enjoy life

Enjoy work

Time management matters

Character does plays a part!

Not involving in any issues

Being neutral at stuffs

Explore around



Work effectively & efficiently



Humble at times? wahaha







Exposure to lots of stuffs!

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@12:11 AM

*Inspiration will come in many forms today*

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

wed.. meet jian, actually plan to buy hung b'dae present.. but end up we ask hung along.. lol.. wahhaa.. end up chit-chatting.. shopping.. n dint buy his pressie! wahaha

thurs... wahaha.. had a great time with my friends during break time at can 4.. lol...i augh n eat for 1 an a half hours.. wahaha.. stupid la..

fri is hung buddy b'dae yeah! after sch, me sean n bee went to tamp for lunch after that we went to take purikura.. den we went to tamp lib.. sean's friend titus frm sp join us after that.. lol.. wahaha.. tot his name is 'python'..

after that.. meet hung n jian to celebrate hung b'dae.. lol.. we had lots of fun during the dinner! some funny stuff happen during the dinner .. hung's hair got burn.. cuzwe playing with the candle.. he place the candle at the side of the table n he bend down to pick up some stuff on the floor.. n his hair got burn.. oh shit.. the jian la.. saw this happening n he dint tell hung.. he stood there n laugh.. -__-''' slap him sia.. lol.. but i think all of us enjoyed ourself.. wahaha.. ;P

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oh another good news.. receive my attachment letter! posted to citibank tamp central! wahaha.. so happy.. dreams come true! wahaha.. congrats to my friends too!

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@10:10 AM

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

finally got to meet up with mag on sat. lol.. we went to tm for dinner at pastamania! wow.. we got so much to chat about..after sinner we went shopping.. we each bought a new hp pouch at ice lemon tee and a pair of ear rings.. wahaha..time flies..we know each other for 3yrs since MI. In 2 weeks time she'll be studying in NUS.. wahaha.. i'm still stuck at poly.. wahaha.. um.. nvm.. i did enjoy my poly life with bunch of kiddos ard! *yeah* cheerz! ;)

sun, went out with mum,mei,bim n ningzhi to the airport.. lol..
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After that, mei n zhi went toapayoh to meet the superband 'mi lu bing' lol.. mum,bim n I went TM for some shopping..wahaha.. bim n i went to take purikura! *wee*
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wahaha.. i love this pics..! We had a great time!

Tue.. i think the whole bunch of us having generation gap with one of our tutor.. too bad he old man! y is he so inflexible? STONE! who u think u are? u wan all 9 classes of us to change the afa revision lecture because of u one soul? wth? cant u change the revision class instead of the whole acc changing the revision lecture? BE MORE FLEXIBLE PLS! one more thing..since the first tut he's unhappy with me..i was less than 10mins late n this is what he tell me: "y are u late? next time pls leave ur house at 6:30am and u'll not be late for lesson" wth.. lesson at 9 wat for i left my house that bloody early? then, what excuses are u going to give us when u're late? u'll still juz give us that 'smiling' face n walk into class... i dun feel like talking about this issue..puking soon!

Oh ya something to add on to this entry...
how do i know which are the true friends of mine?
some i really know but some i dont! seriously speaking i hate it when u take someone as ur close friends they tend to being suspicious about u.. ok i can understand some ppl tend to think more than i do.. but if u really take me as ur close frien, i dont think u should be having this mindset!
Everyone has their mood swings i understand, but when ppl mood swing, can i dont be the one who getting all sorts of nonsense? WTH!

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Friday, July 28, 2006

my dearie ili, s'pore "sweet" OR s'pore "sweep"? wahaha.. during our audit lecture, our lecturer show us some newspapaer articles.. right at the bottom at one of the article, there printed s'pore sweep.. when ili read that.. i heard sweet instead of sweep.. at first i tot my ears got prob.. lol.. well well.. actually is not.. hh also heard sweet instead of sweep.. whahaa..poor ili.. sweet!!!! lol.. jkjk.. we enjoyed ourself during the lecture.. but too bad she left half way.. nvm.. there's ah wu n guang to entertain me.. lol.. those 2 guys esp guang..watever he say cfrm make me laugh.. omg.. i having cramps.. cant laugh too much ar.. *slap u* jkjk! ;) well i had fun!

actually plan to meet my dear buddy mag on fri.. lol.. but too bad.. i having cramps.. really not feeling well so i brough forward the meeting to sat .. wahaha.. ;P miss her so much.. so long dint meet up with her! looking forward to sat! heehee.. wanna take purikura with her! *blehx*
so many buddies i wanna meeet up with.. but no time.. need to wait till after exams le..
esp jian n hung.. cuz hung b'dae coming le.. think will be meeting up with them nex week! yeah! oh yeah.. sun meeting up with my buddy cum sis for breakfast n take purikura.. whaha

got back my claw report today n also did the presentation today.. so proud of myself abt the clip.. but quite disappointed in the report results.. actually my grp got 30.5/40. but we got marked down for dunno wat reason to 26.5 :( so sad.. wanna catch up with tutor n as khim for the reason of marking our work down by 4 marks. :(

i wan to go to malaysia with sean.. but cant.. cuz partly still having some muscle ache n having crammps.. :( how am i going to walk n shop if i go? wahaha.. nvm la. there' re plenty of chances... afer exams i think i going overseas with him.. i think.. if not when attachment starts, even if we wan to go overseas also cannot.. wahaha :p

i reall love to crap ard with my friends...buddies...lately.. chat with kang on msn almos every night.. the feeling of baoc preparation is still there.. omg..i miss those times man! no stress.. no nthing.. juz looking forward to another day of fun joy n laughter... wahaha.. always remember those sweet memories i had! i really love my 3 yrs poly life in np! *hugs*

there're different kind of ppl around us.. if we really take them as our friends.. we must try to accept them... definately there're some gd n bad pts abt everyone ard us..learn to give in..
however, by saying all these things seems easy.. but in actual fact.. this may be much more difficult than u thought it'll be!

Sometimes.. really cant stand ppl ard us doing things, speaking, actions that we felt eye sore.. when this really happen.. think of the positive side of them? wahaha.. humm..thinking back.. how many of us can really do it.. when stuffs happened, we tend we care abt our feelings first before others? or others before us? thought to ponder...
There'll definitely be time that we encounter ups n down with friends ard us.. if we can be able to walk thru it.. i believe it'll strengthens our friendship.. cuz thru these we know each other more in depth. :) cheers!

*blink* ,
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Monday morning.. finally can get my ass up to attend the 8am IS lesson. when i reached the classroom.. wow so few of us there only.. tutor showed us the movie good bye lenin.. i'm interested in this movie mostly because i'm a past history student. more interested in germany, russia, japan.. etc.. miss my history lesson! Had a test for my stock lesson.. wahaha.. not really sure how to do.. anyhow wack. .whaaha.. hope can pass! Left sch at abt 10:40am. After lesson went to meet my mum at her workplace... whaahha.. we had BK for lunch! yum yum.. did my tax tut at her workplace.. whahaa..finally sia!

Tuesday.. which is yeaterday..had my "most looking forward" napfa test.. for Ba only qi bee n me sign up for tue... at first we tot that only 3 of us taking the test.. but luckily, other schools students also taking it.. wahaha.. at least we wont look so awkward..wahaha..had the 5 stations with the 2.4km run.. omg.. really lack of training.. but luckily i passed all the stations n got a bronze! wahaha.. so proud of myself.. so long dint do so many exercise in one day le! wahaha.. really dislike the shuttle run... did this station after the 4 stations.. omg.. leg no energy after we did the s.b.jump.. eeee.. if i know my leg will ache i wont play with it so many times.. wahaha :O but poor ah bee trip n fell during her shuttle run.. ouch! hurts! we hlp her clean her wound n applied some medication.. i think she fell it's because her legs no strength. :( muz take care !
When i'm doing my 2.4km run, actually i know i cant make it le.. but i really try hard to pull through.. need to thx to Mr ong.p.l.. he giving my encouragement.. even run with me the 5th round! really touched! *v* thx thx.. bow to him.. he run so many rounds not tired de sia! win le! Ater the whole event, bee n I took cab home. Took cab home.. partly bee's wounded, we're both drop dead tired!, n parlty is the first day of the seventh month... :) Reached home, went online to print my sch stuff.. chat with my buddies online.. chat with kang my long lost big bro! wahaha.. n some others..oh ya.. bon voyage to jason dude! fly off to japan for competition! heehee.. my doraemon!!!!

Today. yes WED! i'm aching.. whole body aching.. cant even sit n stand n walk properly.. wahaha.. old le.. wahaha.. weak weak weak! lol... hope i can recover soon!


@6:14 PM

Happenings during the whole week.. wahaha..

Last thurs went to the last session for our job preparation course.. wahaha.. sianz.. can say dint really learn much.. lol

Fri.. after school bee qi n I went j8 shopping... wahaha.. they bought they chessy hotdog which cost 2.50. it's ex but nice.. waaha.. i bought some doraemon stuffs.. heehee.. my favorite.. canoot resist! qi also bought smthing she likes.. a hellokitty watch :) on our way to the interchange, we saw a movie although it cost $4.50 i bought it.. cuz the stuffs inside is attrating me to do so! wahaha

Sat.. mei's frien came over to my hosue early in the morning...we had lots of fun! yeah.. in the afternoon, we had mac for lunch..wahaha..after that i meet qi, go ray's house tgt.. wahaha.. go his house n celebrate his b'dae! we reach there at abt 2+. wahaha.. as usual mahjong..
ray cook nuggets for us! thx thx! we had fun! qi n I left at abt 5+. she's meeting her frien n i'm meetng my family... the rest of them stayed at his house till 10+. wahaha..

Sun i stayed at home n slacked? wahaha..finally packed my stuffs.. cuz all the stuffs are pilling up.. omg.. need to pack n check wat are the stuffs that i'm lacking.. exams are ard the corner..:( kinda worried in a way.. i need to jia you.. cuz i'm not doing tutorials consistently. :(
After i packed my table finally settle down n did some of my tut.. so proud of myself! yeah!

Had a pleasant weekends afterall!

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