Monday, April 25, 2005

Day 3, my roommate; Bee and I wake up after we received the morning call, as usual we get ourselves prepared [today we’ve ourselves dressed up most formally], then we headed for the hotel lobby to gather and headed for our breakfast! Due to many students complaining, they do not wan to have “Tim Sum” for breakfast, so our guide plans to change it to western styles. I have macaroni and “Yuan Yang” [their famous drink by mixing tea with coffee; it’s unique but nice.] But my stomach can’t take this kind of mixture I guess, with a bad stomachache, I still continue with the official visits. First, we went to UOB bank. We also have a small presentation conducted by the deputy chief executive of UOB. I’ve learnt more about their strengths; goals; objectives; the challenges ahead… Next destination is Fubon Bank. About the same knowledge I’ve learnt and gain from the previous bank, such as; their history and so on… Then, we went to the Hong Kong “Wall Street”, we manage to take their longest escalator... however, due to the crowd, some of us got separated from the rest of the group, but manage to find their way back to meet up with the rest! As for lunch, we ate at a food court. [After lunch my stomachache got worst] The last stop for the day is the accounting firm; Deloitte… As an accounting student myself, visiting Deloitte definitely benefits me a lot. Through the presentation they’ve given us, I’ve learnt about the major services provided by this big accounting firm; their objectives… But before the presentation, we played a game by answering the questions and write it on a piece of paper! After the presentation, they have refreshments provided for us. Then we’ve got a chance to visit 2 of their departments [the audit and tax departments], through the journey, we get to know more on how they work; how are the working lifestyles there. Lastly, I’ve learnt how to manage to get a job in Deloitte.

After all the official visits, it’s our free and easy time again! 3 of us, Angela, Bee and I went to take their MRT, we took a few pictures on the train, outside the train, with the sign boards…and we even bought an extra MRT card as souvenirs! We went Mongkok area shopping; I bought the most things today. All three of us happily shopping and enjoying ourselves.  At 10p.m, we left the shopping, went around searching for the bus stop, we are just like “three lost sheep” searching their way home! Ending up asking people for the way, a kind soul bring us to the bus stop. And he warned us not to walk any further than the bus stop, because further down will be their “red lights district area”. On the bus, as usual we took pictures and we remembered something we’ve forget to do [happily shopping and forget to eat dinner!], then, we alighted at a bus stop near our hotel, but before we reached the hotel, we need to walk through a park. It’s so quiet, but we manage to get backed to the hotel on time and safely! Before we went to the hotel, we went to a 7-eleven store next to the hotel to buy some food for dinner. Then we went back to our hotel rooms, settle down, then plan to have the dinner in either one of our rooms. But one of my group mate has some “personal problems”… we all accompany her until the next morning 5a.m plus then went to bed… but luckily we are not bored at all throughout the whole night, having many topics to chat on.

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