Friday, June 24, 2005

Thought that i will be late for my IFA lesson todae cuz i left my house at 9:30am.. lesson at 11 ar.. haha..but the bus speed very good.. reach sch at 10:40am...haha...

Today we celebrate one of our friends b'dae (wilson).. bought a cake for him..not really a's during our IFA tutorial.. while AK is presenting, wilson cut the cake and give to everyone in the class..he pleced 2 on the teacher's table one for me and the other for AK... AK has a habit of presenting half way and sit on the table.. in other words cannot stand sat on 1 peiece of first no one notice... is juz that i'm thinking " werid lae.. juz now there are 2 pieces of cakes on the desk but left with one. Where the other piece went to sia??" thinking thinking.. i saw something white in colour seems like "moving about".. lol.. guess what? AK sat on the piece of cake without noticing it.. Oh My God !!!...I just cant control myself n break in laughter.. as usual laugh until tears roll down..

After lesson.. i meet Bee & Sean( 1 of my 3mths friend) for lunch. Actually plan to meet at SIM but since Sean is at the library and my lecture will be at LT24, we change our venue to canteen 2... [really dislikes the canteen 2 noodle stall seller... they stated the price is $1.60.. but everytime collect $2 from the ppl.. juz giving a reason that i've already done the $2 serving.] What rubbish right???? I dont care.. I did tell him before hand that i wan the $1.60 noodle.. even though he insisted that he cooked the $2 serving, i only pay $1.60. LOL... This will be more fair to the buyer ba..[the main difference for the 2 is that only more noodle] haha... Chat with Sean... LOL... he's still so shy[ my opinion] or i should say gentleman ba... of cuz la..all my MI classmates from 04B2 very good de!!!

Bee & I procede to our FIT lecture.. we went in there are not muchppl in there... haha.. the lecturerer said that since there are still some students missing in action, he'll wait for a little longer.. so we ask " is there enugh time for us to go to the toilet?" He nodded. Only Bee & I went toilet.. when we went back to the lecture theatre, he said "oh.. those who went toilet come back le.. we can procede on with today's lecture." Make us so embarrassed.. OMG !!! haha...

After Lecture, Bee & I went to the library to do our HK project... at first we didnt really touch o our project la.. we doing homework n copying notes from each other... @ around 4:30 angela sms me that the 3 of them have finished their part of the speech le.. me & I really shocked! Y so fast !!! But nvm la.. we're hoping that they will produced something not disappointing... We booked the project room from 4-8pm... haha.. our freshie booked the project room opposite Juan & 3 of our HK friends is also in our project room doing their own stuffs... We left the library @ abt 8:15pm. Take bus home... on the bus Bee & I keep on talking crap.. cuz both of us are to exhausted!!!

When we reached home.. we still went relax ma.. lol... I offline at abt 1am... happy dae.. well...waiting for my dar to call ar... LOL...


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