Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hello everyone, well, it has been 1mth since I've last blog. Actually I had finished my exams last thurs, I 1 week late in posting this entry.

Well,finally exams are over now! I can rest for the whole holidays, there are many upcoming events! Looking forward to all! This thurs i'll be going to the "cocacola" factory in s'pore, fri going out with lingz, sat SC outing, sat-mon class chalet...haha..all events are fully packed..then this coming oct9-11,going to KL with a few friends! Actually, i've totally forget about the cocacola factory tour. Before hand, I've promise my mum to go work with her,after work, meet bee...but now the plan have to re-plan..can't go work with my mum, will be meeting bee after the tour..-_-[so u know le ar,next time dont last min remind something, haha..jkjk]

Thurs...immediately after the exam, I took mrt to simei to meet my mum n sis..i meet them for lunch at eastpoint..before my mei dismissed...i acompany mum to ntuc to but some stuffs then to TS to buy my VCDs.. all the VCDs i pay from my pocket money! cost me $60...haha.. for lunch, we went to jack's place, mei n I ordered the student meal($6.50 per person..inclusive of a main course, drink, soup n a jelly) it;s quite wor it! One of the waiter there.. i find his face very familiar..looks like one of my sec sch friend..actually i've got the urge to call him or jus take his nametag n double check whether did i make a mistake...haiz..but i didn't do it.(but now! i've already cfrm that he is my sec sch juz that we dont really recognize each other..haha)...

Last Fri, the day after my exams, we had a farewell party for our HK friends who came here for x-change program. They are leaving on sat. Although 5 of them came and 2 of them had already return to HK before the exams, we still need to have the farewell party.haha..we went to suntec for the dinner, it's a buffet thingy..but the food there are really very salty...even their fruits! n it cost $27.5 each! Very expensive! But the time we spent in there is worthwhile, we did have alot of fun n laughter. Really need to thanks anne,esp her, cuz during our trip in HK, a grp of her friends n her took us around. This whole semester having them in s'pore, we also have lots of fun,regardless' in class,in school,outside... I will miss them ! Hope to see them soon!

Sunday,is the mid autumn friends in HK they really will celebrate this festival with friends n family..however, in s'pore, we are not that traditional afterall...anyway... Bim n I went to waseda shibuya senior high school(jap high sch in s'pore) at west coast area for their sch festival. Actually bee n ellice also joining us, but both of them said they overslept so not coming. Although the journey to the sch is very long, but it's worth it. haha..when we reach there, we had a guided tour around waseda by 2 of their students there. Jap guys, are really shy..haha..but very very friendly! My jap pal also studying in waseda, his class also having a event(a maze: when u walked through u will see an act on a murder case n how the case is solved!). Bim n I queue for more than half an hour. But he really didnt disappoint us! haha..their are acting are indeed good esp my jap pal(acted as a lady)! haha..wonderful time i've in there. Thereafter, bim n I took bus to IKEA cafe for lunch, bim ate meatballs + potato salad, I ate nasi goreng. The meatballs are very's a mixture of beef n pork...u can go try it too!haahaa, we drank coffee, it's refillable. After our meal, we refilled it and we sat down n chit-chat. After lunch, we went walking inside IKEA, lol..each of us bought something...until now i've still not break my record of not buying anything each time i visit this place -_-. We took bus, actually plan to alight at the nearest mrt station..but the bus we took will past by lavender mrt, we alighted there. We went to the travel agency n took a look at the price of the KL trip(3d/2n). well, it's much cheaper then we first thought. That's great! isn't it? haha. After that we separate our ways, cuz we taking diff bus home ma...haha.. I waited for bus 12 for 20mins...-_-.. 5 mins after i board the bus, i fell asleep..haha..when i reach home..after having usual watch tv n online.. haha..quite a fruitful day!

I've re-watched my series vcds again.. haha.. it's fun.. I think that I abit "off" the sense that i'm a bit different from other girls.. girls..friends around me like to look that those fashion stuffs..make-up.. but i've no interest in all these things..i would rather spend more time in a vcd shop or on wwe... -_- werid ...werid.. haha..

Well..the holidays had already past one week.. I didnt waste my time..i use all my time to the max..haha.. I've learn stitching work.i've finishe those with a doing a pouch which can put stuff like hp..mp3 in it...but now looking around for ppl who know knitting to teach me.. haha..enjoying enjoying enjoying!!!


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