Friday, October 21, 2005

It's a one week entry again! LOL
Monday: HAhA today is the day for the enrolment for my IS module..I wanna get the module entrepreneur..this time round there is only 5 IS modules to choose from! My enrolment time is at 2pm.. therefore cant go to work with mum le.. -_- Luckily this time round the enrolment time I didnt forget like last semester...because of my "forgetfulness" I got into those modules which i dont really like it..but lucky those modules are easy enough! haha...This Sem I got into the module entrepreneur..n in the same class as the afternoon, actually plan to meet my classmates n have steamboat at laine's house...but my sis sms me say that she forget to bring I cant meet them lo.. Then, I ask bim come over to my watch kinki kids'05 concert! It really worthwhile watching their concert! Hope they one day can come to s'pore! I'll definately go to their concert! yeah! In the afternoon about 3+ the cupboard which my mum ordered was deliver to my house.. haha.. she's not at home..they leave the cupboard at my house le..I told them mum will pay the boss days it's really diff to find ppl who can let their customer take goods before
Tuesday: Normal day for me..oh ya.. went out with bim today. She went back to school for her cca briefing.. I meeting her at dover at 1:15pm.. lol..I thought I will be late..cuz i seldom take mrt..I use to taking bus everwhere le..haha...we went to ikea again.. lol.. this time round is with purpose de..haha..I've got a shopping list lol..we went there..first thing is to take all the items in my shopping list n pay! haha..then, we went up to the cafe to drink 'coffee' haha.. we sat there chit-chatting.. lol.. after that we took bus 197 from ikea to bedok n a few stops before bedok interchange, bim I went to bedok interchange to meet my mum :D But, before I reached the interchange it's pouring so heavily! -_- My slippers are very i stood stll at one spot to wait for my mum...meanwhile while waiting, I sms I met my mum, we went to buy dinner and took bus home. ;p
Wednesday: mum today not working! Early in the morning, accompany her to e.p mall to buy things at ntuc...we bought alot of things.. then we went to ts and bought waited for sis till her dismissal time! then we had our lunch...went home...In the afternoon..I receive bim;s phone call..she say she coming over to my house...I'm shock.. cuz i Thought i meeting her at night..she meeting her friend in the afternoon to go singing..but when she reached the place, her friend called her n tell her,"I just wake up" -_- where got ppl so pig one lo..sleep until 3+ in the then she took 518 to my house lo..haha..when she reached.. it starts to rain heavily..we watched a few clips.. chat chat.. haha.. then my cooked dinner, bim stay n have after dinner, we went to e.p mall popular to buy the basic driving guide..haha..happy day!
Thursday: Mei, having her last paper! end at 9:15am..haha.. she bought bk breakfast for mum n I...we meet her at the bus stop n went to mum's work place together! lol.. mei n I went for a swim..then, come up to help mum with the work.. lol.. ends work at about tired le.. so I didnt went out with bim..actually wanna go piercing..but mum not feeling very well so we went home..we all rest..then in the evening, 3 of us played leisure ma..haha...;)

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