Friday, October 14, 2005

This is a 1 whole week entry... haha.. let's start from last wed.. I went out with bim..we walked the whole orchard road..searching a best gift for bee... omg..walked for the whole afternoon, there were blisters! haha...finally we found a stuff that we think bee will like it! A harry potter handbill which is limited edition n it's direct import! haha...hope that bee will like it!
Thurs: Results were released! Quite satisfied with my sem 3 results! Hope that all my friends done well! Yeah! when my lg knew my results, he's very happy! Thx for his encouragement.. lol :D As usual, thurs went to work with mum...after that we went to e.p mall to meet my sister. Before lunch, I accompany mum to ntuc to buy some stuffs, then she bought me 2boxes of vcds as encouragement for my results. We had KFC for lunch..8 classmates from sis class also ate KFC..haha.. we share the went home after's a fine and happy thurs afterall!
Friday: OMG...cant go for the night tour cause i having cramps n stomachache. haiz.. disappointing...but nvm.. i stayed at home n watched tv! As for the night tour hope that bee n friends were having fun !
Saturday : Bim came over to my house...actually plan to watch vcds n in the afternoon to the japanese carnival held by the community centre. But the carnival was indeed disappointing! lol.. nothing much there...not as interesting as the ones stated in the brouchures! Then, bee's present...we went to buy envelope n post it to her..haha..In the afternoon sebas n ch came over to my house.. taught them some stuffs...sad thing was that they wasnt concentrating..sad sad.. there were only approximatel 20 days to o's..haiz.. I wished them gd luck n best wishes :p
Sunday : Firstly.. wished bee.. HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY! stay happy always! lol.. I stayed at home the whole day... Because the next day sis having one of her EOY wishes! haha :D Watched tv n do the stitching work for the whole day! haha.. nothing much happened!
Monday : Woke up six in the morning..went to work with mum at about 7am. finished both places at about 1+pm...Then we went home...Monday will always be my most tired day! haha..but nvm working is also part of exercising! haha.. :D
Tuesday : In the morning I stayed at home..dong nothing..slacking all the while..doing some stitching..At mum for lunch n accompnay her to buy some stuffs... In the evening...I'm so busy.. cooked dinner, surf net, watch vcds, accompany sis while she's studying at one go..haha.. super... it had been quite sometimes since I cooked! but I love cooking.. inventing n creating new food! haha...dont worry all are edible! lol... :)
Wednesday : Finally mum can got off on weekdays! haha..early in the morning we went to the central district area to do something...when we reached there, the building was already demolished and had some oter building there...we had a hard time then find the one we looking After that..we meet bim at redhill mrt control station cuz we going to ikea for lunch! Finding our way from the place to the mrt station (tanjong pagar).. we met a old lady holding an unbrella. We thought that she knew that we're a bit lost.. cuz she approached us n talked to us...asking whether what train we taking...but ending up she started talking things that we dont understand...diaoz -_- when we met bim, we told her about it... lol.. funny incident afterall! haha.. when we reached ikea..first thing we went to the cafeteria to eat our lunch! so hungry.. haha.. Bim n I ate meatballs mum ate the curry rice...all of us drank coffee..haha..after the main course..we ordered chicken wings..yum yum.. haha..after lunch, we took a walked inside ikea..haha..we bought some stuffs...haha...then, we went to queenstown shopping centre..cuz i wanna find some "slippers" find any there..we took bus down to suntec..haha... but sad to say.. I also cant find something i like.. lol -_- After that bim went home.. mum n I took 518 home..on bus..we then realised that we need to go to tamp central.. we should've took train with bim.. we then changed to bus went to the s'pore post to post a letter to canada..but the person told me..on the envelope i need to state the country...haiz..finally i knew the reason why the parcel I send to him last x'mas was vanished... -_- haha... then accompany mum to buy some stuffs n we bought dinner backed home for sis.. I didnt ate my dinner cuz i'm not hungry! haha..the meatballs can "withstand" so long.. lol...
Thursday : Went to work with mum.. haha.. so tired.. not in very good mood in the morning but after that i'm okie! with my lg before I went to work! so happy... lol.. after work.. we went to tamp central again to post some stuffs.. then we went to "search" for any suitable "slippers".. but still cant find any which i like.. haha .. nvm..still have lots of time.. worries man!

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