Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Last day for the preparation for BAOC'06 le! Went to sch quite early in the morning.. um. i think i reach at 10:15am. Well.. hlp out with all the deco and stuffs! haha.. of cuz ENJOY ourselves there! haha... so happy i've got a parrot in sch! name" kang" . LOL.. opps! haha.

Bim had 4hrs break in between her lessons, she came over to find me. LOL.. After she came not 5mins later, bee n jo came. About 12+, a grp of us [bim,bee,che,vin,jo,van] went for lunch at canteen 1. jo,bee n I only ate fruits for lunch. cuz i ate 2 buns in the morning..i'm not that hungry. lol -_-'''

After lunch we went up to exam hall to hlp out with the painting of boxes.. um.. only me n che doing the painting cuz it only left with a bit.. the rest playing cards.. oh.. than my 'dearie' kang... start his 'nonsense' again.. lol.. [aiming the pistol at me daily.. without fail @_@] We had lots of fun! Than bim left at 2+ cuz she had lessons at 3pm. ~_~ We all went back to the classroom to hlp out with other stuffs...

About 4+ a grp of us went to hlp out to decorate the convention centre booth. On the way there, in the lift.. finally i got a chance to slap kang.. finally i can hit him in a way that he cant defend..LOL.. we had lots of fun there too.. we went to the convention centre first..while waiting for ray to come over to tell us some stuffs, we played arm wrestling.. haha.. so fun! The stupid kang is so strong than no one beat him! haha.. I also played with him..he allowed me to get 5 hlping hands to hlp me..humm..but i think we lost ar.. after we lost.. he didnt let go my hand, and wanted to band it against the table top.. haha. luckily i slip of his hands.*bleahx* After that something happen too.. he was playing with a mask.. acting like a monkey for the zoo..lol.. i juz hit the mask onto his face.. so funny lol.. we all hlp with the deco of the C.C, however, we were stop by someone halfway... he wanted us to stop work n only can continue after 6pm. we did as he said. We left C.C n went back to the exams hall to hlp out than we went back to C.C again..
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7+pm, we went to collect our t-shirt.. I love our t-shirt.. it'sl lime green in colour. *Glorious Renaissance Rockz!* I really love this OG lots! then.. we took all our bags down to C.C... n try to finish the stuffs asap, as most of them were so exhausted...in the process of doing so, we did some singing, jokes n stuffs.. lol.. kang n greg left a little than us.. vin,che,joyce,bee n I left at abt 8+..9pm..we met ivan n friends on the way out of sch.. we went to dinner together at KAP mac..joyce left first. So 6 of us walked there for dinner.. the road oppsite our sch, there's a traffic jam, heard from ch that there's a big tree than fell and blocked all the 3 lanes.. no vehicles can past. one whole lane of public buses.. We had our dinner at KAP n chit chat till abt 10pm. lol.. i reached home abt 11:15pm.. so tired.. bath le SLP zzzzz...

Really had a fruitful day!


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