Thursday, April 13, 2006

A trip to Sentosa! Well, the same group of us went Sentosa on tuesday! -Kang,Vin,che,bee,joyce,loyyd,wen n me-

We meet 10:45 at harbour front interchange. We had lunch at the hawker centre. After that we took the bus to setnosa island. When we reached there it's drizzling. Vin bought for us the admission ticket. We took the shuttle bus to palawan beach. At the moment only the 7 of us, cuz kang joining us later... :D vin brought volleyball...all of us played except for joyce, she wanted to but she cant becuz of her old injury. After a few games, we used the volleyball to play soccer..this time round joyce join in the fun! Out of all, can say that vin is the only one who knows how to play soccer. haha.. the rest of us just join in the fun! haha... We girls went down to the beach, the guys went to buy drinks. 7-eleven is juz a few metres away from us, those guys took the tram to else where to buy.. when they came back we were laughing at them...LOL blur kings!
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Kang joined us at about 2 plus 3pm. haha.. after he came for not more than an hour, joyce gtg cuz she's meeting her friends. hahaha.. so we didnt manage to get a whole grp photo. We carry on with the volleyball game. omg.. when, kang start of the game.. whoever who got the ball will definately hurts... ouch! But it seems that I'm the one who kept on catching the ball..end up more and more bruises on my arms.. lol..after a few games, we decided to play other games.. lol.. we grabbed our stuffs and placed it nearer in.. we went down to the water. Cheryl cant go down to the water cuz her leg was injured. We took some photos. We played 'truth or dare'.. most of us chose dare except for kang.. most of the time he chose truth..werid one.. but dunno what happen, out of a sudden he became so high and he was so enthu. When was his turn.. he wanted dare.. and the dare he said it himself. Which is to carry me and throw me into the water! -_-''' y me? lol..too bad the didnt take any photos of this.. haha.. At first I thought he was just kidding.. end up he really did! ok.. lol.. i've got nthing to say.. *LOL*
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We went to shower up at about 6pm. We walked all the way to siloso beach shower room.. half way there, 4 of us [vin,che,bee n me] lost the other 3.. they walked so fast till we've no idea where they walked to. LOL... When we reached the shower room, i think the 3 of them were already half way through..haha -_-''' I think I took quite a long time all THANKS to kang kept 'dumping' sand on me... I really having a hard time washing off all the sand on me! After we gals came out of the shower room, the guys told us that he waited for us for more than 40mins! wow! haha.. nvm.. *bleahx*

We were deciding whether to have our dinner first than musical fountain or vice versa. We went for the 7:40pm musical fountain. Kang told us that if we want to watch the 7:40 show, we need to reach there not later than 7:15pm. or else it will be very packed. At first we wanted to take shuttle bus there but end up walking there kang leading us the way. lol.. on the way there, I was singing all the way.. lol.. when we reached there, it was already quite packed but we manage to get ourselves seats! Before I watched the show I'm thinking that the show may be remain the same as before. After the show, I've nv regreted I went to the musical fountain cuz it was totally different from what I thought! :D After the show... we planned to eat our dinner at harbourfront instead of sentosa.. cuz i wanna eat subway. 'I want to eat subway' I've been chanting this for the whole day haha.. ;p
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Kang lead us back to the main entrance. haha.. he's our coach for the day! We mange to squeeze up the bus. on the bus.. Kang was standing beside me.. we were chatting. then i told him that all thanks to him that causes so amny bruises on me.. lol.. out of no where.. he start to chant his favorite lines '4 me' :" ah ah bui...etc" I think everyone on board the bus were thinking what he trying to do man! is thid guy mad or something? haha.. Kang didnt join us for dinner. So left with the 6 of us.. we went subway for dinner! At subway, there are some minor 'conflicts' between us.. lol.. After the dinner, loyyd n wen left cuz they said they had something on. The 4 of us went to food court, cuz the monster vin want to have a second round. He ate hotpan terriyaki. haha.. half way thru his meal, we were playing a game name 'black magic', the one guessing are not supposed to see wat we choose. so vin put his head on the table, n he start to stir the chicken in circles.. um.. a stall lady walked past us, ask vin to give her 4 numbers... lol..We really had lots of memories at food courts no matter where we go! Left at about 10pm and reached home at abt 11:30pm! :D
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