Monday, June 12, 2006

5 june (mon)
claw paper.. just hope dun fail can le.. i really dun wan to fail any of my common test module.. who can i blame? the lecturer? the tutor? classmates ? or me? myself?

6 june (tue)
tax 2 paper.. still mamageable.. haha.. at least got one paper can have at least a :) face .. haha..

wahaha.. i left early for this paper.. bee n qi also left early with me.. haha.. cuz we need to go home n chiong audit.. haiz audit got 5 chapters to read up on.. but i dunno where to start.. shit.. sianz..

7 june (wed)
finally second last paper.. haha.. everyday i'm looking forward to thurs 3pm... haha..

left early today.. haiz.. cuz dunno the theory so left early.

no point staying till the end of the paper if i dunno how to do.. :(

8 june (thurs)
the day i waiting for! cuz after ma2 paper.. FREEDOM.. no study break time really having a hard time!

ma2 paper is not as tough as i thought.. luckily.. haha.. stil manageable.. haha

after the paper.. bee n i went bugis.. shopping n eat dinner.. haha

we took train down to bugis n meet bim there.. lol.. saw kenry ( the guy who going to hiroshima with bim) haha

bim n kenry also going to bras brasah complex to see some stuffs..

bee n i went to the same place to eat jack's place.. student meal.. haha.. yum yum..

learn alot of things there.. haha.. while waiting for our food, i learn make up.. *bleahx*

the waiter is sort of laughing at me.. lol.. okie la.. i admit.. i looks kinda stupid..

where got ppl learn make up inside a restaurant? haha.. got! me!

bim n her friend also join us after they bought thier stuff.. lol..

he left after they had a drink... after they left, more interesting things happened..

the waiter wanna clear some of our plates.. we dint want him to clear.. cuz we want to take pics of be n after the meal..

the waiter was so shocked that we dint want him to clear our table..while he wanted to stretch n clear our soup bowls, i was holding the knife on my left hand.. n it's like kinda point right into his face.. haha.. i dun realy know how to describe.. but if anyone of u are there u will definately drop ur jaws! wahaha

after we rejected the waiter twice, abt 40seconds..the waiters n manager 'disappeared' ..haha.. went to the back to do some discussion? haha.. after a while the manage come n clear the table himself.. lol.. wat a funny scene!

I think 2 of the waiters there kinda entertained by bee n i! lol.. after we finished our dinner, we stand up n intend t walked to the cashier to pay up..the funny manager open the door for us.. n say thank you pls come again.. lol.. i'm so shocked.. n tell him i still haven pay lae.. he's so blur.. haha...he loves to joke around i guessed.. he say he think i know the boss name 'jack' lol.. funny ar? haha ...haha.. at the cashier.. he ask me pay by credit card or cash.. i also joke with him use ur credit card ba..he showed us a discount before discount is 24++.. after discount he showed me a receipt which is 68++ .. OMG.. i was stunned.. haha.. then he say he gave us the wrong receipt .. the 68++ is the bill for the table behind us.. lol.. really got great memories there.. will visit that outlet soon!!

after that.. went SHOPPING ! bought to spag. at m-industries! haha.. so cute... after that..went shop shop shop.. actually wanted to buy the banana shower foam frm body shop...but no more promotion le.. sianz half.. haha.. after that.. bim came back to join us.. she went suntec with kenry to buy some stuffs frm candy empire..she come back to bugis to meet both of us.. we went to take neo prints.. haha.. bim left after that.. then.. bee n i went to buy qi's pressie! lol.. got her something special.. hope she like it..

to be continue... haha... cuz still got alot to go... more pics will be posted soon!


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