Monday, July 10, 2006

omg.. i'm updating my bloggy once a week i guess.. lol.. haha..
although my whole thurs was out in sch, i really enjoyed myself.. my first claw lect with paul ng.. lol.. omg..bee n i was late for half an hour for the lecture.. but when we step in.. he haven even start the lecture.. lol.. dunno wat he talking abt.. but i'm so awake.. wth.. lol..

after lesson meet my wisp n ism grp mates to complete our project.. wahaha.. i really love my ism grpmates.. i really love u guys lots.. u guys make my day man! we had lots of fun inside the cosy project room.. wahaha ;p we even 'smuggle' food in, watched movie--> LOTR my favorite! ... wahaha.. oppz.. @.@ We're 'chased' out by the librarian at abt 9pm.. wahaha.. "we dun wan to go hm..but they wan" ~~weeweee~~ haha.. ;) we went to bukit timah mkt for dinner.. wahaha.. only me,jason,guang,ah wu n bee went.. haha.. we had lots of fun! yum yum.. the 3 monster ate so much rice.. hai yo.. eat so much for what.. wahaha.. we left there at abt 10:30pm... omg.. all of them board their bus except bee n me.. :( the bus 52.. took it so long.. :( when we reach bishan interchange.. i missed my bus 59.. :( when i board 59 its already 11.15 i guessed. on my way home, ray called me to chat.. lol.. get to know one more frien of his. lol.. i dun mind expanding my social circle.. lol.. ;)

oh ya! FINALLY he's back! but only for 1 wk.. so i need to treasure this time. The moment i received his sms, i'm overjoyed.. he said he come back becuz of me. Fri after sch meet him.. lol.. but he dint stay long.. left at abt 4pm.. cuz he's meeting his mum..

Sat ah bee come over to my house.. we chiong aafa proj. we do the editing for ALL 3 parts of the project.. it's so unfair.. a 6 members grp. y we always collecting rubbish ? ??? this part is the one i really dont understand! !!! i'm really very tired.. but luckily still have a new found buddy..haha.. everyday there to encourage me n care for me! thx man! *if u're reading my blog i think u'll know i'm talking abt u* haha.. so happy.. when i'm feeling stress,tired...etc... u r always there to joke ard with me.. heehee.. ;) u always hlp me distress! wahaha.. thx!

sunday 9july! my mummy b'dae! wahaha.. cuz it's raining whole day, so dint go out.. we stayed at home whole day.. wahaha.. partly.. i need to rush 2 projects.. haha.. my wisp n ism.. luckily ism nthing much to do cuz my grp mates are so good. i love them..wahaha.. so i only need to do final editing n some stuffs will do.. weeee.... ;p

today.. mon.. 10july.. got 2 presentation.. wahaha.. finall can clear 2 projects at one go... wisp presentation go on smoothly.. finally.. after lesson went for another presentation... whahaha.. my dear grp mate guang.. over slpt becuz of laz nite fifa final.. lol.. wahaha..we missed call him till his phone bursting soon.. wahaha.. but luckily manage to wake him up frm his swt dreams.. lol..n thx to our tutor.. she's very understanding.. heehee.. well done guys for the successful presentation. ;) after that we went kap for 'breakfast' heehee.. they looked so exhausted.. pls tk care man!

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