Wednesday, July 05, 2006

laz week events will be updated.. haha. finally.. lol

firstly.. updates on my common test results..

Auditing 2 - 47/60
Taxation 2 - 52.5/60
Advanced financial accounting - 41/50
Company Law - 32/40
Management accounting 2 - 72.5/100

haha.. quite surprise i can get this kind of results.. cuz dint really touch on claw n audit.. as there's no study break for us and i only read thru the day before the paper.. quite satisfied le.. haha.. but regretted for not studying for my ma2 paper.. cuz theory part i failed badly.. :( i need to buck up for my weakess point.. THEORY! everytime because of the theory pull me down.. wahaha.. n this common test ii've lots of careless mistakes.. easy mathematical calculations also can calculate wrongly.. i think even kids can calculate.. e.g. 150-2=149???omg.. CARELESS everywhere in the paper.. wahaha. make sure i open my eyes widely during gthe upcoming exams..

oh ya because of this common test.. i lsot lots of bets to my buddies ard me.. shit.. i shldnt bet with them man.. :) haha.. lost to many of them.. wahaha.. my list of 'creditors' : jason, bee, qi, ray, 35... wahaha.. i gonna be broke sooner or later.. lol..

so jia lat.. i'm down with flu, high fever, sore throat... omg.. ill for the past one week, that's one of the reason y i dint manage to update my bloggy..
Every nite when i reach home chatting with the 2 Js.. they'll be my medi clock..wahaha.. remind me to take my medi promptly..drink water.. slp early.. n stuff like that.. really thx for ya care n concerns dude! really deeply appreciated by me!

last wed.. afa presentation part 2.. um.. kinda regretted i dint check thru their calculations.. ended up all the fig. are wrong.. :( omg.. need to change everything le.. how can compare grp fig. with co. fig.. they are of diff things .. reminded u le.. :( after sch stay back n rush our ppt3 which is presenting it the following day.. bee n i rushed until 9pm..then walked over to KAP for dinner .. i cant eat heaty stuffs as i need to conserve my voice... therefore, only grab a few fries.. :(

wanna thanks bee who bought me a doraemon watch from genting *muacks*
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wanna thanks to bim who bought me a doraemon hp accessories from japan *muackz*
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the afa presentation 3 went on smoothly... ;) went out with sean, bee n jeremy to marina sq for dinner.. wahaha.. sean treat us to rocky masters for dinner.. lol..

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boring fri.. lo.. stay in sch to do wisp proj. kinda boring though.. wahaha..

sat.. meet up both ism n wisp mates to finish up with the proj. ... lol.. i love my ism grpmates lots.. really.. frm the bottom of my heart! doing proj. with them no stress at all.. fun n laugher.. heehee..things can go on so smoothly! *muackz*

in the evening.. meet my long lost buddy yy out.. haha.. hemeet me out for dinner and movie.. we went pastamania for dinner n watched superman returns.. lol.. he bought the 8:30pm time slot.. i dint even realised it.. lol.. *blur me* the movie lasted for 2 1/2 hrs.. haha.. so long dint meet him le.. tons n tons of things to tell him.. omg.. haha..after the movie.. we walked out of tm.. n i dint realised that they are screening fifa live there.. so many people! the astmosphere is so good.. wow.. but i dint accompany him long.. cuz i forget to bring keys.. so need to rush home.. he send me off to the interchange n he went to his work place to find his frends.. lol.. when left there it's abt midnight le.. wahaha..

with love..

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