Friday, July 28, 2006

my dearie ili, s'pore "sweet" OR s'pore "sweep"? wahaha.. during our audit lecture, our lecturer show us some newspapaer articles.. right at the bottom at one of the article, there printed s'pore sweep.. when ili read that.. i heard sweet instead of sweep.. at first i tot my ears got prob.. lol.. well well.. actually is not.. hh also heard sweet instead of sweep.. whahaa..poor ili.. sweet!!!! lol.. jkjk.. we enjoyed ourself during the lecture.. but too bad she left half way.. nvm.. there's ah wu n guang to entertain me.. lol.. those 2 guys esp guang..watever he say cfrm make me laugh.. omg.. i having cramps.. cant laugh too much ar.. *slap u* jkjk! ;) well i had fun!

actually plan to meet my dear buddy mag on fri.. lol.. but too bad.. i having cramps.. really not feeling well so i brough forward the meeting to sat .. wahaha.. ;P miss her so much.. so long dint meet up with her! looking forward to sat! heehee.. wanna take purikura with her! *blehx*
so many buddies i wanna meeet up with.. but no time.. need to wait till after exams le..
esp jian n hung.. cuz hung b'dae coming le.. think will be meeting up with them nex week! yeah! oh yeah.. sun meeting up with my buddy cum sis for breakfast n take purikura.. whaha

got back my claw report today n also did the presentation today.. so proud of myself abt the clip.. but quite disappointed in the report results.. actually my grp got 30.5/40. but we got marked down for dunno wat reason to 26.5 :( so sad.. wanna catch up with tutor n as khim for the reason of marking our work down by 4 marks. :(

i wan to go to malaysia with sean.. but cant.. cuz partly still having some muscle ache n having crammps.. :( how am i going to walk n shop if i go? wahaha.. nvm la. there' re plenty of chances... afer exams i think i going overseas with him.. i think.. if not when attachment starts, even if we wan to go overseas also cannot.. wahaha :p

i reall love to crap ard with my friends...buddies...lately.. chat with kang on msn almos every night.. the feeling of baoc preparation is still there.. omg..i miss those times man! no stress.. no nthing.. juz looking forward to another day of fun joy n laughter... wahaha.. always remember those sweet memories i had! i really love my 3 yrs poly life in np! *hugs*

there're different kind of ppl around us.. if we really take them as our friends.. we must try to accept them... definately there're some gd n bad pts abt everyone ard us..learn to give in..
however, by saying all these things seems easy.. but in actual fact.. this may be much more difficult than u thought it'll be!

Sometimes.. really cant stand ppl ard us doing things, speaking, actions that we felt eye sore.. when this really happen.. think of the positive side of them? wahaha.. humm..thinking back.. how many of us can really do it.. when stuffs happened, we tend we care abt our feelings first before others? or others before us? thought to ponder...
There'll definitely be time that we encounter ups n down with friends ard us.. if we can be able to walk thru it.. i believe it'll strengthens our friendship.. cuz thru these we know each other more in depth. :) cheers!

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